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Social & Economic Justice

Ensuring that people have equitable opportunities to live freely and pursue their livelihoods is vital to create a healthy, stable populace. In District 18, that means updating infrastructure and securing broadband access to encourage the growth of economic opportunities. Further, ending gerrymandering and requiring veto override votes in a timely fashion are top priorities for restoring governmental justice to our state.


Healthcare Accessibility

Being able to afford healthcare and find local health providers is a vital issue in our community. Expanding Medicaid is key making healthcare accessible. Finding solutions to short- and long-term mental healthcare needs also is vital to improving healthcare outcomes for our residents.


Educational Parity

Education funding and policy in North Carolina has been at the core of political protest in the state for more than a decade. By addressing these educational issues one-by-one, I hope to help our children get the best education possible while ensuring our teachers and other school personnel are treated as professionals doing an important job.