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First Openly Transgender Candidate Seeks Wake-Franklin Seat

KNIGHTDALE — In many ways, Angela Bridgman is running on typical Democrat campaign issues: She says she’ll vote to expand Medicaid and increase education funding.


Video of Angela Bridgman for the North Carolina Senate

Cassie Brighter from Empowered Trans Woman interviews Angela about her history of activism, life as a transgender woman in the South, and decision to run for the North Carolina state legislature.


State Dems vote 'yes' for Allison for trans leadership

Angela worked with other transgender North Carolinians Janice Covington Allison and Wendy Ella May to advocate for approval of the Transgender Political Caucus of the North Carolina Democratic Party. NC's caucus, which Angela was elected to serve as the First Vice Chair, is the first major transgender caucus in any major statewide political party.


Judge's Ruling Means Trans People Don't Need Birth Certificates to Pee in Peace in North Carolina

Angela spoke with Forbes about the settlement between the ACLU and Lambda Legal and the state regarding HB 142.  


Birth certificates, bouncers at the bathroom doors?
Angela spoke out throughout North Carolina's infamous "bathroom bill" discussion. Here she speaks with an ABC11 reporter about what the bill meant for the everyday lives of transgender residents of NC.


25 Years Apart: A Conversation With Two Transgender Women

Watch as Angela and Kendall Vega discuss their lives as transgender women with Spectrum News.