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Transgender Candidate Rejects Equality NC Endorsement

WENDELL, NC -- Angela Bridgman, a transgender woman running for North Carolina Senate District 18, is rejecting a coveted endorsement from the LGBTQ rights group Equality NC.

Bridgman is one of two transgender candidates running for the state legislature in a first for North Carolina.

Bridgman is rejecting the endorsement because the organization endorsed her primary opponent and both primary opponents of Gray Ellis, a transgender candidate in Durham. Those two races were the only ones with multiple endorsements.

“I’m amazed that Equality NC - in the case of the two transgender candidates and no other race - would endorse our primary opponents,” Bridgman said.

While Bridgman is not dismissing her opponent’s views, she believes this joint endorsement is concerning. In Bridgman’s case, she has been active in the fight for LGBTQ rights for decades and feels that a co-endorsement ignores this work.

“I’ve fought for more than 20 years for LGBTQ rights,” Bridgman said. “I worked on the Fairness Ordinance in Louisville, Kentucky and received an award for that work. I also was instrumental in getting the Austin City Charter changed to get gender identity added as a protected class in 2004.”

Since moving to North Carolina in 2014, Bridgman joined others in fighting against House Bill 2, the infamous “bathroom bill.” She also works on the Civil Rights, Criminal Justice, & Education sub-committee for the NC Democratic Party Platform and Resolutions Committee and was one of the founders of the state party’s Transgender Political Caucus.